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Ensure Exchange Availability with Transaction Replication

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How to virtualize business critical applications

VMware High Availability and VMware AppHA provide a basic foundation for virtual machine availability. But, business-critical applications that need to be up and running require greater levels of resilience and recoverability.

Symantec ApplicationHA helps you create a resilient VMware environment to deliver effective business services to your end users with virtual machine restart as well as application level monitoring and restart. ApplicationHA is fully compatible with your existing tools such as VMware High Availability, vMotion, FT, DRS and SRM.

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    Today’s organizations are becoming increasingly reliant on their ability to minimize IT downtime and ensure that applications and data remain available and secure. And as the stakes and end-user expectations rise, high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) are not enough – what is needed is a zero-downtime solution that enables uninterrupted operation and access.

    This whitepaper discusses the effectiveness of “continuous availability” programs as compared to traditional DR and HA, and takes a look at the EMC deployment model for continuous application availability. Read on to learn more.

  • Head to Head Comparison: Two Top Backup Solutions Face Off

    Finding the right data protection and backup solution isn’t easy. There are a lot of solutions on the market, so you need to carefully consider what you need to meet your specific needs. In cases like these, it makes sense to do a head to head comparison.

    Check out this white paper to learn the difference between two top backup/data recovery tools. You’ll learn what features and capabilities set the top solution apart. You’ll get the facts on how this solution costs less while also delivering:

    • Improved performance
    • Easier administration
    • Provides backups to virtual and physical servers
    • And more

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