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IBM Information Lifecycle Management in Regulated Industries

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Using Cloud Backup and Recovery Services to Achieve Desired Business Outcomes

Cloud backup and recovery services present a strong growth opportunity for service providers in 2014, including increased customer satisfaction, revenue, differentiation and/or market expansion. It can serve as a core business model or be complementary to a broader range of cloud services. Service providers must consider their core competencies and their broader range of service offerings (if applicable) when they establish price, cost, and profitability metrics for cloud backup services.

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  • 4 primary reasons organizations are embracing cloud backup and recovery services
  • 3 cloud service provider strategies, including their associated risks and rewards
  • 3 business models for cloud backup providers and the advantages of each
  • Key considerations for service providers interesting in adding cloud backup to their portfolio

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  • Trends in Enterprise Hadoop Deployments

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