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IBM Information Lifecycle Management in Regulated Industries

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Implement the Appropriate Storage Architecture to Support IT as a Service

As companies transition from traditional, infrastructure-focused deployment architectures to cloud-ready, cloud-enabled and service-centric delivery models, they need to change the way their storage is architected as well.

Check out this informative paper to learn how to prepare for IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) with the right storage architecture. Discover the answers to your most burning questions surrounding the private cloud and ITaaS. Read on to learn more.

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    Social business, mobile devices, big data analytics, and the cloud are changing the storage landscape and this creates new opportunities for flash drives. Flash storage addresses many customer challenges, such as the need for high-performance. Tiering solutions, which support multiple types of flash drives, offer further gains by balancing cost, capacity, and reliability requirements.

    Access this Q&A with Laura DuBois, program vice president of IDC’s Storage research to learn more about use cases for flash storage.

  • Philips Cloud Base - How Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Delivers Professional Manageability and Security

    With IT taking center stage in initiatives to drive business agility, challenges are growing for IT managers who have to balance the expectations of the business with the constraints of ever tighter budgets for hardware and software, while preserving security for valuable business intelligence and confidential client data. Read the following white paper to see how virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is helping solve these problems.

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