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Getting the Complete Picture on SQL Server Database Performance

A healthy and efficient database infrastructure is critical to any organization. So when a database isn’t performing at its peak, its essential that database administrators can quickly discover what’s wrong. Unfortunately, doing so can be difficult in most database environments.

This white paper examines the case studies of three different organizations that had this problem. Read on to discover how they implemented a solution that allowed them to quickly and easily monitor everything happening in their databases.

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  • How Toad™ DBA Suite for Oracle® 12.0 Complements Oracle® Enterprise Manager 12c

    Many organizations that use Oracle technologies turn to Oracle Enterprise Manager to manage clouds applications and databases, but if your organization is responsible for multiple environments with hundreds of databases as well as your oracle systems, Enterprise Manager may not be enough.

    Access this exclusive white paper to discover how one product is helping organizations deliver critical functionally in three key ways:

    • Performance management
    • Database maintenance
    • And change management

    Learn how your organization can devise a similar strategy to better manage your databases and improve DBA productivity.

  • MongoDB and Hadoop: Connect Your Data

    Data processing platforms don’t exist in siloes, which is why it’s important to have interoperability between datastores without being restricted to a single tool.

    This brief white paper gives an overview of two popular data platforms (MongoDB and Hadoop-based cloud big data platform) and explains how the mongo-hadoop connector is an open source library for Hadoop that allows you to use MongoDB as an input source or output destination for MapReduce jobs and Hive and Pig queries.

    Read on to find a tutorial that will help you setup a cloud big data platform cluster with the mongo-hadoop connector and connect to a MongoDB instance.

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  • Selecting the right SQL-on-Hadoop engine to access big data

    This article presents some important requirements to consider when selecting an SQL-on-Hadoop engine to tackle your organizational challenges. Read this e-guide now to get access to expert insights from Rick van der Lans of R20/Consultancy and learn how you can evaluate the different features and functions of SQL-on-Hadoop engines.


  • Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise: Transforming IT pros into “Masters of the Database”

    Take a look at this infographic to learn to effectively manage your SQL Server database.


  • Big Data Beyond the Hype: A Guide to Conversations for Today’s Data Center

    Expand your knowledge on big data with conversations from today's experts on the data center.


  • Top Monitoring Tools to Help Meet Regulatory Compliance Standards

    In this e-guide, gain expert insight on how to remain vigilant in meeting regulatory compliance standards, and uncover top compliance monitoring tools for financial institutions to meet their industry-specific regulations.


  • MongoDB Meets the Desktop: Cross-Platform Management Tool

    Many companies are turning to MongoDB, a service that supports indexing, replication, and file storage for enterprise information. This whitepaper considers one solution to make managing MongoDB's services easy with an intuitive desktop client.


  • What's Next for MongoDB?

    What MongoDB updates are you looking for? Access this article to learn about the pluggable storage engines that allow users to tailor the NoSQL database for specific use cases while remaining in the wrapper they're familiar with. Additionally, learn about document-level locking for performance improvement.


  • IBM Helps Transform Workload Management and Global System Access

    Check out this case study to find out how one solution provided an organization with the flexibility and capacity they need in order to manage their growing data workloads.


  • 3 Limitations of MongoDB on the Public Cloud

    MongoDB, a frontrunner in the NoSQL world, is friendly to developers employing agile development processes. Access this resource that addresses 3 main problems with do-it-yourself (DIY) MongoDB on the cloud. Hint: scalability is a major concern.


  • Keynote presentation from MongoDB World

    Join Kenny Gorman, Founder of ObjectRocket by Rackspace, in this video from MongoDB World as he demonstrates how MongoDB users can use a one-click, automated compaction tool to effectively eliminate the need for what can be a difficult and time consuming manual database maintenance process.


  • Strategy Spotlight: Making the Business Case for Content Analytics

    This expert guide covers best practices for making the business case for content analysis tools now. Examine the technology's ability to deliver real value to your enterprise, as you uncover how to educate management about its benefits.


  • Detecting the use of TrueCrypt

    This article in our Royal Holloway Information Security series looks at the clues that can point digital forensics investigators to evidence of TrueCrypt data encryption.


  • Moving Apache CouchDB Data to Cloudant

    This white paper will help you discover the key benefits of DBaaS, including simplified data replication and sync with mobile devices and local data centers.


  • A Closer Look at All-Flash Arrays in the Data Center

    This white paper outlines how all-flash arrays can improve data center agility so that you can avoid bottlenecks.


  • 10 Ways to Save Money and Provide More Comprehensive Availability Protection in SQL Server Environments

    Check out this informative resource to uncover the 10 ways to save big on high availability protection for SQL Server environments.


  • Business Information E-Zine: NoSQL Makes its Mark

    In this issue, we drill down on the facts of NoSQL databases, tapping into the experiences of savvy startups and other companies whose needs led them to NoSQL technologies. But is NoSQL right for you? Companies with fast-growing vaults of Web, social media, demographic and machine data should pay attention. IT experts chime in with timely advice.


  • How ObjectRocket Gives Free Backups to Everyone

    When anyone in the community loses data, everyone in the community feels the effects. Fortunately, for MongoDB users, free backup that's not an add-on or an upcharge is possible to achieve. Learn how it's possible to back up data at a secure location completely free of charge as you read this resource.


  • Choosing The Right Cloud Provider For Your MongoDB Database

    This exclusive resource addresses 4 levels of sophistication of MongoDB cloud providers. Learn about different activities that are either performed for the developer by the MongoDB service provider, or need to be performed by the developer.


  • An Analytics Overview

    This brief video puts the spotlight on cloud analytics. Learn the value of delivering insights to company-wide teams without the need to log IT requests, increasing the amount of pertinent questions that uncover new opportunities.


  • Coverity Scan €- Big Data Spotlight

    View this informative white paper to learn how to address critical defects. Discover how you can manage various big data projects and generate revenue.


  • Five Windows Azure alternatives for SQL Server

    In this e-guide, explore five Azure alternatives that could better benefit your organization's needs.


  • AMD and Dell cloud client-computing

    This brochure outlines how AMD Accelerated Processing Units provide Dell cloud client-computing with the flexibility to create scalable, low-cost and feature-rich products. Discover four cloud client-computing endpoints that directly benefit from AMD processors.


  • IBM DB2 with BLU Acceleration for Linux, UNIX, and Windows

    Download a trial version of DB2 10.5 to get a glimpse of the solution's many new and enhanced features.


  • Ensuring the Best Outcome for Your SQL Server 2014 Upgrade

    Uncover a checklist of everything you need for a smooth transition to the new SQL Server 2014.


  • NoSQL Software Adds New Database Choices, Challenges

    The array of NoSQL databases available to organizations can be overwhelming. With this guide, learn how to determine whether the technology is right for your organization.


  • Dell Wyse ThinOS Thin Clients: Secure by design

    This whitepaper takes a look at the Dell Wyse ThinOS thin client desktops, software and hardware platforms.


  • Small businesses compete in e-commerce with same day shipping

    Access this expert e-guide to uncover a solution to customer demand for same-day-shipping and how CRM has changed the entire customer experience.


  • Maximize MongoDB Management with Tool Suite

    How can you ensure you are picking the correct arsenal to maximize data integration? This informative resource considers a tool suite that integrates with MongoDB. View now for an informative look into the setup process behind these tools.


  • Sorting Storage Options on AWS

    Sorting through AWS Data Storage options is no small task. With a little background, however, you can successfully -- and securely -- choose the right option for your company.


  • Performance, Reliability and Flexibility of Windows 7 in a Thin Client

    This whitepaper takes a look at a series of desktop virtualization hardware solutions with dual and quad core options to suit your unique budget, application, and performance needs


  • Migrating from Redis to MongoDB

    In this case study, learn about the decision one organization had to make – bend Redis to the task and document what data was where, hoping that future developers could read it, or could take advantage of the self-documenting datastore of MongoDB. Inside, discover which method enabled on-the-fly flexibility as they developed their product.


  • Here's to the Data Nerds: New Relic Integration with ObjectRocket

    Company applications provide countless metrics including click streams, mobile activity, end user experiences and transactions. This resource considers a system that helps businesses generate actionable, real-time business insights from data.


  • Data-Driven Sales: Using Reports & Dashboards to Give Yourself an Edge

    This e-book examines how the right reports, dashboards, and sales forecasting tools can dramatically improve your sales performance and help you to fully embrace the big data revolution.


  • Top 10 Benchmarking Misconceptions

    Discover the top 10 benchmarking misconceptions to prevent your organization from shoddy benchmarking. Learn how to increase efficiency and effectiveness in your databases through accurate benchmarking techniques.


  • Experimental Pluggable Storage Engines in MongoDB

    Access this short guide that describes how pluggable storage engines provide MongoDB users the ability to choose a storage engine that best suits their workload, and with the API planned to have full support of all MongoDB features. Inside, find an example of how to build mongo with the rocksdb example storage engine presented at MongoDB world.


  • Cloud Security Survey Report 2015

    This comprehensive survey details what information security professionals believe is the current state of cloud security.


  • Business Intelligence Software: Which one is the best?

    Which BI software is the best for you and your organization? Verified IT experts openly discuss their experiences, likes and dislikes, as well as their overall opinion of today's most popular products in this guide by IT Central Station. Find out which vendor offers the best solutions for your company's needs.


  • From Disney to dishwashers: Digital CRM to change customer experience

    Access this expert e-guide to uncover how CRM has changed the entire customer experience and how this kind of technology can truly benefit your organization.


  • An Easier Approach to Expand Data Center Capacity

    This white paper examines new servers that are emerging to incorporate advanced software technologies that power leading web-scale and cloud infrastructures but are still engineered for all enterprises, regardless of size. Read on to learn more.


  • 2014-15 Deduplicating Backup Appliance Buyer's Guide

    This buyer's guide is designed to provide users with a powerful yet concise method to evaluate each deduplicating backup appliance so organizations can understand the overall strengths and weaknesses of each one


  • Evaluation of managed print service suppilers

    In Quocirca’s evaluation of major providers of Managed Print Services (MPS) in Europe, Quocirca found that Xerox and HP  lead the pack, due to their  global scale and broad service capabilities. The analysis also showed that Ricoh and Lexmark  have gained considerable ground, demonstrating effective maturity and service delivery excellence.


  • Content Analytics Paves the Way to Actionable Insight

    This expert e-guide explores both benefits and challenges of content analytics. Observe insight into how ECM systems are becoming increasingly powerful as middleware and other information applications.


  • Justifying Investments in Information Governance

    Learn about the added costs of not committing to information governance, including storage management, e-discovery, and risk management.


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Datasheet

    In this whitepaper, you'll discover how Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® delivers these capabilities, which is why 90% of Fortune 500 companies trust Red Hat for their critical business applications.


  • Cybersecurity Is Every CIO's Problem

    This CIO handbook gives you the knowledge you need to create cybersecurity that not only keeps you safe, but also builds trust among consumers and other businesses.


  • How a Mobile CRM Makes You More Successful

    The best CRM solutions go beyond basic functionality and deliver cutting edge features that make the companies that use them more efficient, more effective, and more successful. Chief among these cutting edge features is mobile functionality.


  • Reinventing Business Intelligence for the Modern Data World

    Consult this white paper to learn what new features modern business intelligence holds, including data discovery, sharing, and collaboration improvements.


  • Lab Report: SIOS DataKeeper Replication for Windows Clusters With Intel Solid State Disk Storage

    Discover the difference in performance you can see in your SQL server with a Solid State Disk storage system vs. the newest in storage technology in this informative study. Read on to learn how your organization can maximize your SQL performance by switching up your storage system.