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Transform the Data You Collect into Actionable Insights at Record Speeds

Business analytics plays a crucial role in today’s workplace. However, the increased demand for access to this information means that an enterprise not only has to capture massive amounts of data, but must also process and transform it into actionable insights while the information is still relevant.

This white paper introduces an analytics acceleration tool that brings fast performance to complex, data-intensive queries, enabling them to be transacted hundreds of times faster than was previously possible. Read on to learn how you can speed the time-to-value of this wealth of information in order to deliver actionable insights to decision-makers in your enterprise.

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  • Is your database ready for the era of big data?

    According to a recent survey, 47% of respondents stated they are defining a big data road map, with the rest either already implementing big data projects or taking the first steps to understand big data concepts. Where do you fall in comparison with your peers?

    One of the most important elements of any big data project is realizing the need for a robust, efficient database that can handle these massive volumes of data.

    Choosing a database used to be something the IT department did behind the scenes – today it is a strategic decision. Read this resource today to make sure your database meets all the requirements, which include:

    • Deliver performance to support real-time analytics
    • Provide availability for mission-critical applications
    • Security for protecting vital information assets
    • Scalability for growth
    • And more

  • Big Data Beyond the Hype: A Guide to Conversations for Today’s Data Center

    Big data is often a hot topic in many conversations about today’s data centers, and with this guide you can learn more about big data’s complexities, evolution and future. Popular big data management tools like Hadoop streaming analytics, IBM Watson, and IBM Bluemix are also discussed, as well as strategies for managing your data more quickly and effectively with less risk. 

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