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Market trends: The Future of E-mail

Spammers are constantly trying to gain access to your email and this has severely degraded the utility of inter-organizational communications. Thankfully, there are two trends being used to fight back. Access this expert e-guide to discover how you can promote email security within your organization.

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  • About to Buy Guide: Spam/virus protection for Exchange

    Relying on native Exchange security measures may not be enough to keep your organization safe from ever more sophisticated email threats and productivity-draining spam outbreaks. Discover how you can create a comprehensive email strategy to ensure the highest level of security for your organization.

    Access this expert e-guide for tips and considerations to keep in mind when selecting security products. Plus, learn about security oversights to avoid and the pros and cons of hosted versus on-premise Exchange deployments.

  • How to Get Bullet-Proof Grade Enterprise Email Protection

    Email is baked into the DNA of modern business, and security is a constantly evolving challenge. For this reason it is also still the most common vector for cyberattacks. As it has become ubiquitous over the years, it has become a carrier for malicious software and web links that can bring down entire enterprises.

    This white paper outlines a defense strategy for employing a third-party system to complement your email provider’s security protection. Read on to add an additional line of defense to your business’ email service to combat the melting pot of internet threats, with the following:

    • Protect and augment cloud-based systems
    • Provide secure, verifiable, and independent copy of content and metadata
    • Secure corporate data from email-based attacks
    • And more  

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