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Seitel Gets More Bytes per Buck with Xserve RAID

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6 Key Steps to Obtain Better Geophysical Data Analysis and Operations in Data

For oil and gas companies, IT innovation is essential for keeping up with increasing demand while balancing the pressure from government and environmental agencies to conduct geophysical analysis.

In this white paper, learn why colocation services can help you manage the explosion of data that comes with more frequent testing and analysis, while at the same time reducing costs and scaling IT infrastructure. Plus, discover six steps to obtaining better geophysical analysis and operations in data.

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  • Practical Considerations for Implementing Prefabricated Data Centers

    Knowing the obvious benefits of a prefabricated modular data center is one thing.  Knowing the unique aspects to successfully deploy the center and avoiding delays and inefficiencies is a new realm many don’t understand.  Is there more to it than meets the eye?

    Delve into the key considerations for planning, preparing a site, handling, placing, and securing data center modules.  Read on to arm yourself with the knowledge to overcome the obstacles and challenges of prefabricated modular data center deployment.

  • Practical Considerations for Implementing Prefabricated Data Centers

    Implementing prefabricated modular data centers results in well-understood benefits including speed of deployment, predictability, scalability, and lifecycle cost. However, the process of deploying them – from designing the data center, to preparing the site, to procuring the equipment, to installation – is quite different than that of a traditional data center.

    The following white paper presents practical considerations, guidance, and results that a data center manager should expect from deploying a prefabricated data center. Access now and learn if a prefabricated architecture is the right choice for your organization.  

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