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Unleashing IT: Big Data Special Edition


While "big data" seems like a relatively simple phrase, it's actually anything but. To truly take advantage of all big data has to offer, you need to invest in the right tools, processes, and people. Is your organization prepared to glean valuable insights from your mountains of data?

In this special edition of Unleashing IT from Cisco, explore the ins and outs of big data and how it pertains to your business' software, hardware, and process changes. Specific articles include:

  • Big data vs. fast data -- why speed is just as important as volume in analytics
  • Experience with big data -- 3 success stories in different industries
  • Underpinnings of big data success -- an integrated foundation for big data workloads
  • And more



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Cisco Systems, Inc.
02 Jul 2014
31 Dec 2013
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This resource is no longer available.