Maximizing your Call Center through Multichannel CRM

Maximizing your Call Center through Multichannel CRM


The age of the isolated call center is over. Organizations need to give customers a number of ways to reach them— websites, mobile apps, Short Message Service, social media, the phone. According to Nicholas de Kouchkovsky, analyst and operator of CaCube Consulting in San Francisco, “You can no longer optimize a single channel in isolation.”


Does your organization know how to deliver a unified view of your customers, no matter how many channels your customer data is coming through? If you take just a few minutes to participate in our survey, you’ll gain immediate access to’s expert guide, Customer experience consistency key to successful CRM.


In this chapter of our e-book series Improving the Customer Experience Through Technology, CRM professionals explain what it takes to maintain a single view of a customer’s history and contact information and how multichannel organizations keep all that data in order—and how they keep it from falling into the wrong hands.

18 Apr 2014
18 Apr 2014
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