Prevent Data Center Downtime with Increased Traffic Visibility

Prevent Data Center Downtime with Increased Traffic Visibility


IT Staff are well aware of the consequences of data center downtime. The potential loss of millions of revenue dollars can have a crippling effect on your enterprise and put you out of the game.

Preventing downtime and protecting the lifeblood of your organization is no easy task, however this informative whitepaper can provide you the facts you need to effectively lock down your data center and monitor the flow of data traffic so that doesn’t happen.

Within this whitepaper you’ll discover the benefits of using hardware with integrated TAP connections to prevent downtime which include:

  • Reduced monitoring burden
  • Increased effectiveness of existing tools
  • Increased data security
  • And more…

Read on to learn how increased traffic visibility in the data center can help you anticipate and prevent data center downtime and ultimately save your organization money.

17 Apr 2014
31 Dec 2012
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