Doubling down: when backup and archiving beat as one

Doubling down: when backup and archiving beat as one


Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: “2016 will mark the end of tape storage.” Or “disk is dead.”

Yet, it would seem that the rumors of both tape’s and disk’s deaths have been greatly exaggerated, since tape and disk storage systems persist in nearly every enterprise storage environment.

We won’t make the same inflammatory, overarching mistake of claiming the end of tape and disk storage’s viable lifespans; however, we will acknowledge that there is a shift underway in the way in which organization’s handle secondary storage. Backup software and primary storage are converging. And, similarly, backup, recovery, and archiving – while traditionally considered related, yet separate processes for data protection– are coalescing.

This concise, 6 page e-book, titled “Double Down: When Backup and Archiving Beat as One,” is curated by the team at, authored by Brien Posey (Microsoft MVP and former CIO), and purpose-built to assess this shift in mindset by answering questions like:

What type of data should be archived as a part of any convergence?
What is the best storage medium for data archives?
Do my archives require any additional capabilities beyond the ability to store data?
And more

As long as people and machines are creating data, protecting and restoring that data will always be a pain point. However, use this guide as an opportunity to assess if streamlining processes in secondary storage can ease some of these headaches – without having to abandon tape and disk altogether.

24 Oct 2014
18 Mar 2014

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