Deciding Where to Deploy Solid-State Storage Devices

Deciding Where to Deploy Solid-State Storage Devices


According to the recent Spring 2014 Storage magazine Purchasing Intentions survey, 35% of storage shops are using solid state now, with another 40% planning or evaluating this year.

So, are you part of this 75% with SSD already on the mind? Or will you be joining within the next 12 months?

Let us know - join our SSD/Flash Technologies Research Program and we can help guide you down the right path. To get started, simply fill out this brief questionnaire (2-3 minutes tops!) and you’ll get immediate access to our popular e-handbook, “Deciding Where to Deploy Solid-State Storage Devices”.

Plus, everyone who participates today will receive an additional bonus report, which explores the winners of our Storage magazine Quality Award winners. Find out who your peers voted on as the most reliable storage products on the market today!

Your input is greatly appreciated and allows us to get a better view on the industry and continue to provide you with the storage industry coverage you’ve come to expect from us. Get involved today and help us get a better view on the top flash/SSD adoption trends amongst you and your peers!

18 Mar 2014
18 Mar 2014

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