Why Choice and Control are Critical to a Successful Cloud Strategy

Why Choice and Control are Critical to a Successful Cloud Strategy


There is a lot of noise coming from cloud vendors and others that scream, “move to the cloud or else!” This has left many experienced IT professionals asking, “or else what?” Despite the push from vendors, many IT pros are hesitant to cede control of critical measures such as performance, security and continuity.

As a result, very few organizations have rushed into the cloud, and are using it rather sporadically instead. Simply put, most IT pros don’t feel that there is an approach that can bring the benefits of the cloud without unacceptable security and disruption risks.

Download this exclusive whitepaper for four tips on how to build a cloud strategy on choice and control that will work for seasoned IT workers, including choosing a provider that:

  • Understands enterprise data centers
  • Offers broad portfolio of services
  • Maintains high levels of visibility
  • And more 
04 Feb 2014
13 Jun 2012
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