Take the Fast-Track to the Benefits of Cloud Computing

Take the Fast-Track to the Benefits of Cloud Computing


While the popular component-focused model of IT has the ability to integrate a great number of elements into the data center, and ultimately lower component costs, it makes IT integration a challenge. Additionally, virtualization helps with through consolidation which improves resource utilization, but introduces new management complexities.

The cloud, with automation, self-service and more can help solve all of these problems but IT must transform by taking an IT-as-a-Service approach.

Download this whitepaper now to find out how to make that shift and how it will allow you to get the most from your cloud. Read about a solution that can get you there fast while also:

  • Ensuring consistency
  • Simplifying choice
  • Instill confidence
  • And more!
HP and Intel
30 Dec 2013
30 Dec 2013
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