SSG Report: Dell #1 Vendor of Choice for SSDs

SSG Report: Dell #1 Vendor of Choice for SSDs


The advent of solid state devices that use flash technology to provide persistent data retention when systems are not powered up has made an increasing mark on the enterprise data center. Over the course of the past several years, a new class of all-solid-state storage array has become available to a number of start-up companies, as well as traditional storage vendors.

If your firm currently uses or definitely plans to deploy flash/SSDs what vendor(s) do you use or expect to use?

This report delves into the use cases where solid state storage has tremendous performance advantages and can produce reduced costs due to performance or enable applications that have been near to impossible using HDD technology. Read now to also discover the leading vendor in this accelerating technology.

Dell, Inc.
17 Dec 2013
16 Dec 2013
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