Hands-on Oracle Application Express security

Hands-on Oracle Application Express security



Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a technology that allows rapid development of web applications based on data within the Oracle database.


Developers using APEX must ensure that their applications are secure in order to protect their data. This Hands-on Oracle APEX Security eBook presents various types of security vulnerability that can arise in APEX applications.


The approach is to demonstrate simple examples that we have observed in client applications in a way that developers can re-create and exploit in order to understand the underlying risk.


We then show how simple secure coding practice can protect against various security threats.


In this sample chapter we show the one particular example of SQL Injection that comes from using Function Returning SQL Query blocks within APEX applications.


A developer can follow the example to experiment with a vulnerable APEX application and discuss countermeasures that can be implemented to protect their application and their data.


Download includes free access to an online portal from RECX enabling APEX users to test the security of their applications.


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01 Nov 2013
01 Nov 2013
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