Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Classroom

Enterprise Collaboration and Social Software Classroom


Enterprises want to incorporate social and collaborative technologies into their business practices but are often overwhelmed by where to start, which tools to choose and how to develop an effective strategy to make collaboration work.

This classroom is designed to help executives make the key decisions to build a rock-solid social and collaboration strategy. In this classroom, readers will find:
 - A webcast on developing and implementing an effective enterprise social networking strategy
 - A podcast on common collaboration pitfalls and faux pas
 - An article with tips on managing cloud-based collaboration systems
 - Content that will interest IT and collaboration managers, SharePoint administrators and business executives involved in collaboration efforts


Shawn Shell Vice president, Hitachi Consulting

Shawn Shell, is the VP of consulting at Hitachi Consulting as well as the founder of Consejo Inc., a consultancy that specializes in Web-based applications, employees and partner portals, as well as enterprise content management.

25 Sep 2013
09 Oct 2013
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