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Toigo: Clouds and IT infrastructure management


Using a cloud service in your disaster recovery strategy requires careful planning. In some cases, these services can reduce costs and ease management. However, it is important to take careful account of your specific recovery needs and evaluate whether a DR service is able to meet them. Independent disaster recovery expert Jon Toigo talks about how the cloud can fit into your DR strategy in this Video Tip from Storage Decisions.


Jon William Toigo CEO and Managing Principal, Toigo Partners International; Chairman, Data Management Institute

Jon Toigo is a 37-year veteran of IT and has developed business continuity plans for more than 100 companies. He has written 17 books, including four on disaster recovery planning, with the fourth edition of his Disaster Recovery Planning: Getting to Business-Savvy Business Continuity coming to bookstores in 2013. Toigo is Managing Principal Partner for Toigo Partners International, a consultancy specializing in IT consumer advocacy, data management and storage technology, and he is chairman and co-founder of the Data Management Institute, a professional organization for those who create, store, manage and administer data and storage assets. DMI is now in its 20th year and has trained and certified nearly 100,000 data management professionals worldwide.

Jul 8, 2013

This resource is no longer available.