Reducing call volumes by helping customers self-serve

Reducing call volumes by helping customers self-serve


Citrix, a leading access infrastructure provider, received feedback from their customers indicating they should improve their online support resources - specifically, knowledge base, UI, and customization. They realized that many customers who would normally self-service were calling in due to unsatisfactory online resources - an upgrade was definitely in order.

In this brief case study, discover how Citrix integrated a software toolkit within their existing content systems that dramatically improved their customer self-service offerings. Customers can now easily search online for answers and interact with peers and service reps in the same community space.

Read on to learn the benefits this software strategy offered Citrix, including:

  • 30% reduction in call volume
  • 4 times the online traffic
  • Increased customization at lower costs
  • And more!
Jive Software
20 Jun 2013
20 Jun 2013
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Case Study
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