Gartner: Best practices for I&O for cloud-readiness

Gartner: Best practices for I&O for cloud-readiness



By Tapati Bandopadhyay, principal research analyst and Biswajeet Mahapatra, research director


Cloud computing could end up being a hindrance rather than a help to an enterprise if not planned and implemented properly.


In many infrastructure and operations (I&O) teams, it can be observed that previous failures are  repeating themselves over and over. Very few organisations are mature enough in terms of people and process capabilities to be able to take cues from past failures and prepare themselves for the foreseeable as well as the unforeseen future.


The current status and trends of I&O maturity show that I&O organisations are not capturing and leveraging their service management knowledge base effectively; that is, in picking up clues and learning from their past mistakes.


If processes and people capabilities are not nurtured as a priority and in a planned, continual manner, cloud projects may become expensive mistakes for IT and businesses in the long run.


For effective cloud adoption, organisations should speed up internal efforts to build necessary service management capabilities so that triggers and disruptive and innovative service models such as cloud and ‘everything as a service’ are easier to absorb and respond to.


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This report is based on independent technology advisory research from Gartner, Inc. Gartner delivers the technology-related insight necessary for IT leaders to make the right decisions every day. This exclusive article was written Gartner analysts for Computer Weekly readers on a non-commercial basis.

14 Jan 2013
14 Jan 2013
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