Data Virtualization Goes Mainstream - Solving Key Data Integration Challenges

Data Virtualization Goes Mainstream - Solving Key Data Integration Challenges


Traditional data integration technologies often come at a high cost and are not equipped to handle the complex volumes of data that organizations are faced with today. Whether it is an enterprise wide application such as customer relationship management (CRM) tool, or a content collaboration application that relies on unstructured data, businesses need unified, real-time access to data across all systems.

With this realization in mind, companies have begun to revisit how they access, integrate, and operate data and address the shortcomings of current systems.

With the emergence of data virtualization technologies, organizations have started to leverage diverse structured, semantic, unstructured and Web data to enrich enterprise applications and processes and bring real-time enterprise data to collaborative and edge of enterprise applications. Access this resource to discover more about overcoming data integration challenges with greater agility.

Denodo Technologies
11 Apr 2012
11 Apr 2012
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