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Transaction integrity: The key to customer retention


According to a survey of 8,880 consumers across 16 countries, poor customer service costs an aggregate of $338.5 billion per year, with the average cost across all surveyed countries amounting to $243 per relationship.

The moral? Good customer relationships are pivotal to your success. And transaction integrity is the glue that holds it together. In today's day and age, it is paramount to swiftly produce accurate transaction documentation to ensure profitability, customer retention and overall customer satisfaction.

The expanding volume of these signed documents presents a growing challenge to achieving cost-effective storage, secure access and risk management within the transaction process. And with documents often stored in distributed locations, centralized customer service functions struggle to attain timely access to accurate data.

But businesses that are able to respond quickly with a signed withdrawal slip or credit card receipt can avoid revenue and profit leakage and reduce customer service operational expenses — while also retaining and growing business with well-earned customers.

Read this insightful paper now to learn about the challenges surrounding the proper management of transaction documents, the benefits of optimized transaction protection and leveraging partners for storage and retrieval, individual case studies and so much more.

Iron Mountain
14 Mar 2012
14 Mar 2012
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This resource is no longer available.