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ESG: Integrated Backup & Data Protection for Virtual Environments


Virtualization continues to change the way we think about backup and recovery. As more organizations consolidate storage and data management in an attempt to reap the cost, efficiency and utilization benefits promised by a virtualized infrastructure, one thing is clear - yesterday's backup and recovery technology can't keep up with the growing demands of storage virtualization.

This white paper from ESG outlines a potential solution - an integrated backup and data protection solution designed to overcome the challenges and complexities found in today's virtual environments. Read on to learn how this solution can help your business unlock the full array of benefits promised by virtualization, and help simplify management with the following features:

  • Simplified licensing
  • Optimized backup/recovery of virtual machines
  • Efficient storage and network utilization
  • Automated discovery and policy management

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CommVault Systems, Inc.
29 Dec 2011
29 Dec 2011
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This resource is no longer available.