Latest IT bonus figures - what are IT professionals earning ?

Latest IT bonus figures - what are IT professionals earning ?


Bonus payments have long been a feature of the reward package for most IT professionals, but when the UKeconomy went into freefall during late 2008, many employers either reduced such payments or did away withthem altogether.Now, with at least tentative signs of economic recovery in place, bonuses appear to have staged a comeback of their own. Interestingly, though, this resurgence in bonus payments has so far been confined tomanagers, with non-managerial staff yet to see any benefit.Back in June 2008, the Computer Staff Salary Survey found that just over half (51.7%) of all IT professionalsand their managers had received a bonus payment in the previous 12 months. A year later, the figure hadfallen to 46.5% - a significant reduction since it amounted to more than 3,500 individuals who had lost theirbonus entitlement.Fast forward to the latest data published in June 2010, and the incidence of bonus payments has now risento 55.2%. In other words, more IT professionals now receive bonuses than did so before the recession beganto hit pay packets

25 Oct 2011
18 Nov 2010
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