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Exchange 2010 Best Practices: Personal vs. Strategic E-Mail Archiving


Archiving e-mail provides a multitude of benefits, often times to fit within compliance guidelines or the opportunity to streamline storage.

Individuals and organizations often want to retain as much e-mail as possible. Reasons range from convenience to compliance to organizational policy. Some are also the result of court action and legal hold orders. The most common, however, is the individual’s own requirement to keep e-mail as long as possible in a readily accessible and auditable log for document sharing and collaboration. Retaining years of e-mail, metadata and data integrated with Exchange Server 2010 that resides outside of Exchange requires an optimized enterprise information management solution.

There is a problem, though. When is an individual archive just personal and when is it an important asset to be considered as part of an organization’s information management system?

Learn more about this complex issue by reading this white paper. By clicking this link you will be taken to an interactive virtual tradeshow environment where you can read this white paper and access a variety of other resources. Continue on for more.

CommVault Systems, Inc.
13 Jul 2011
13 Jul 2011
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This resource is no longer available.