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Journey to the Center of Corporate Information Ecosystems: The Crucial Realignment of IT and Business Priorities


In the world of science, an ecosystem is a geographical area where plants, animals, the landscape and the climate all interact together. This complete community of living organisms, as well as non-living materials, functions as a cohesive unit, regardless of whether the ecosystem is a rain forest covering an area larger than many nations or a simple puddle in a backyard garden. All of the ecosystem elements operate in a balanced fashion, constantly adapting to environmental changes in order to thrive.

A similar concept can apply to the business world, where an information ecosystem embodies the people, processes, technologies and data that exist within the confines of a corporation.

Unlike the rain forest or backyard puddle, however, the elements of most information ecosystems today are completely out of balance, due to a rapidly spreading and increasingly complex web of files, e-mails, documents and applications that are growing wildly out of control.

It's time to re-align IT and business strategies so that this ecosystem will become balanced. Read this white paper to learn more. 

14 Jul 2011
14 Jul 2011
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White Paper

This resource is no longer available.