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The Keys to Data Protection in Data-Driven IT


The amount of data managed by IT departments continues to accelerate. This data growth and the need for better availability of business-critical data are forcing IT organizations to look at new methods of backup and recovery. Companies are seeking Modern Data Protection; a single solution that enables them to efficiently capture, move, retain, find and recover data from any storage tier.

Many have turned to native array-based snapshot technologies, which combine frequent recovery points and minimum operational disruption. However, snapshot management varies significantly by storage platform and often results in more complexity and risk than most organizations bargained for. Others have turned to stand-alone, deduplication approaches that are only loosely integrated with their data protection strategy. This solves an immediate need, but leaves users dealing with the consequences of limited scalability, poor manageability, and rising costs.

CommVault Simpana software eliminates the chaos of legacy approaches, enabling users to realize data protection and management benefits, without complexity, and that they never thought possible. Read on to learn more. Clicking this link will take you to an interactive virtual tradeshow environment where you can read this white paper and access a variety of other resources. Continue on for more.

18 Jul 2011
18 Jul 2011
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This resource is no longer available.