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Common Security-Related Oversights, Assumptions, and Blunders in Software Testing


Security comprises a significant portion of the overall quality of software yet we continue to see software flaws that, at best, create unnecessary business risks and often lead to application-level data breaches. In this Security Lesson, information security expert Kevin Beaver explores the underlying causes of such gaps in the software testing process and offers suggestions on what can be done to fix this problem once and for all. If you're a QA analyst/tester, developer, or otherwise involved in the overall quality and security of software in your business this Security Lesson is for you.


Kevin Beaver Security Consultant

Kevin Beaver is an information security consultant, expert witness, author, and speaker with Atlanta-based Principle Logic, LLC. With over 21 years of experience in the industry, Kevin specializes in performing independent security assessments revolving around compliance and minimizing information risks. He has authored/co-authored seven books on information security including the newly-updated Hacking For Dummies, 3rd edition. In addition, he's the creator of the Security On Wheels information security audio books and blog providing security learning for IT professionals on the go. Kevin can be reached at his website

Dec 14, 2010

This resource is no longer available.