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PeerLock Software: Adding File Locking to Microsoft DFSR


Product Type: Add File Locking to Microsoft DFS Replication

Target User: Any company using Microsoft DFSR to mirror file servers

IT Problem: For company's using Microsoft DFS Replication to mirror file servers across multiple office sites, DFSR lacks distributed file locking to control version conflicts. PeerLock adds file locking to a DFSR mirrored servers.

IT Download Description: Microsoft DFSR + PeerLock is a high performing and cost effective alternative to traditional WAN Optimization technologies. DFSR mirrors files across office sites to ensure that every team member has fast LAN access speeds to all data, providing up to 100X faster performance versus WAN “acceleration” appliances. File locking technology ensures that file version conflicts across mirrored sites are prevented. The result is faster file performance for every employee, thus increasing productivity, while simultaneously lowering WAN loads.

Download size: 2.5 MB

Terms of Trial License: 15 day free trial

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22 Oct 2010
22 Oct 2010
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This resource is no longer available.