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An IT revolution in the public sector


What are the most significant steps to pioneering a successful IT initiative?

Peter Tseronis, Deputy Associate CIO, U.S. Department of Energy explains the presidential mandate to transform the way IT infrastructure is deployed in the federal government.

In a revealing discussion, Tseronis tells us that building a business case for IT is essential, and it begins with educating your staff so they can effectively communicate and implement your organization's initiatives.

Tseronis says that the key ingredients include:

  • Making the IT investment: Leadership motivates and guides government agencies.
  • Architecting effective IT: Education teamed with business aspects of IT creates the right architecture.
  • Deploying solutions: Public sector agencies are the voice of the customer and where implementation takes place.

View the Video to learn more about the successful elements of an IT agenda.

Cisco Systems, Inc.
16 Apr 2010

This resource is no longer available.