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OpenBench Labs Analysis: Maximize Storage Utilization and Network Bandwidth Automating Virtual System Backup


Today, IT needs to establish highly efficient operations. Working with virtual resources, lets IT administrators limit the devices they manage to a small number of abstract pools. Introducing multiple levels of logical abstraction and redirection of storage resources, however, can obscure and complicate important IT operations, including the once simple notion of backup.

Simpana® from CommVault® enables IT to leverage a single solution that integrates backup, archive, replication and storage resource management across physical and virtual servers. Simpana helps IT deal with the challenges associated with critical backup recovery issues within a virtual infrastructure by providing a Universal Virtual Server Agent that helps reduce the impact of backups on the physical hosts and virtual machines (VMs), while simplifying administration with innovative features such as VM auto-discovery, which automatically discovers newly added virtual machines and places them into existing backup policies.

Simpana also simplifies a major issue for every VM: two distinct personas. First, there's the IT-centric persona of an application running on a host. Second, there's the logical line-of-business persona of a VM as a standard computer. As a result, service recovery in a virtual operating environment is an extremely important issue, as the risk of a single host failing cascades to multiple virtual machines (VMs) running multiple applications. To resolve the dichotomy in VM perception, CommVault offers a variety of options that align with recovery needs. From a single backup job, administrators can restore a Windows-based VM as either a set of VMware container files or a set of Windows system files. Simpana can also be deployed in a number of ways, including as an agent inside a virtual machine or on a proxy server with the Universal Virtual Server Agent for off-host backups of virtual operating environment servers and disk-level recovery.

23 Feb 2010
23 Feb 2010
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This resource is no longer available.