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Closing the Gaps in Root Access Control

The root account used to administer Unix and Linux systems presents one of the highest-impact opportunities for exploit, fraud or information theft. Rarely has there been a more significant need for the control of root-level privilege than in the current economic climate, with business consolidation and substantial personnel changes sweeping through virtually every industry. Without enterprise-class solutions, businesses may not only risk the loss of visibility essential to protecting trustworthy professionals as well as the business, they may also quite literally lose control of business-critical IT resources at their most fundamental level.

Join Scott Crawford from EMA in this webcast as he details trends showing how more finely grained Unix and Linux access control can help your enterprise. Scott will be joined by Symark CEO John Mutch who will discuss a solution that offers a more comprehensive scope of provable control, simultaneously helping the business to assure security as well as compliance priorities, and delivering verifiable protection against one of the highest-impact risks in the enterprise.


Scott Crawford Enterprise Management Associates, Research Director Scott has 15 years of experience and is an (ISC)2 Certified Information Systems Security, Security Architecture and Security Management Professional. He has pioneered implementation and research in multiple fields, from assistive technologies to sophisticated distributed-trust data security architectures to IT service management. Prior to joining EMA, Scott was the first ISO for the International Data Centre of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization at the UN in Vienna, Austria. John Mutch Chief Executive Officer of Symark Mr. Mutch has been in the technology industry for more than 25 years and has a long track record of building and leading successful companies. Prior to joining Symark as CEO in 2008, Mr. Mutch was a founder and managing partner of MV Advisors, LLC, a strategic block investment firm which provides focused investment and strategic guidance to small and mid-cap technology companies.
BeyondTrust Corporation
Apr 27, 2009

This resource is no longer available.