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A Better Way to Manage Data in Virtualized Environments

CommVault Simpana Software directly addresses all the challenges of data management in a virtualized environment, with the same granularity, flexibility, consistency, and reliability available to physical environments. It enables enterprise customers to reduce the risk of data loss and service disruption, optimize storage utilization, simplify the management of physical and virtual servers, and implement a cost-effective disaster recovery strategy.

Simpana software takes a Singular Information Management® approach to data management that uses a single, efficient, scalable product to perform a complete range of data management functions. Offering an expandable range of application modules, Simpana software provides multiple backup and recovery options; a flexible IT infrastructure for data protection across physical and virtual servers; and fast, cost-effective disaster recovery to ensure business continuity. Simpana software includes data archiving, backup and recovery, data resource management, and replication and snapshot management. When used in combination, these capabilities provide unique and compelling benefits for managing data-all from a single console.

CommVault Systems, Inc.
15 Jan 2009
15 Jan 2009
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This resource is no longer available.