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Cooling Strategies for IT Wiring Closets and Small Rooms


Cooling for IT wiring closets is rarely planned and typically only implemented after failures or overheating occur. Historically, no clear standard exists for specifying sufficient cooling to achieve predictable behavior within wiring closets. An appropriate specification for cooling IT wiring closets should assure compatibility with anticipated loads, provide unambiguous instruction for design and installation of cooling equipment, prevent oversizing, maximize electrical efficiency, and be flexible enough to work in various shapes and types of closets. This paper describes the science and practical application of an improved method for the specification of cooling for wiring closets.


Neil Rasmussen Founder and the Chief Technical Officer, APC (American Power Conversion Corporation) Neil Rasmussen is a founder and the Chief Technical Officer of American Power Conversion. At APC, Neil directs the world’s largest R&D budget devoted to power, cooling, and rack infrastructure for critical networks, with principal product development centers in Massachusetts, Missouri, Denmark, Rhode Island, Taiwan, and Ireland. Neil is currently leading the effort at APC to develop modular scalable data center infrastructure solutions and is the principal architect of APC’s InfraStruXure system.
Brian Standley Product Line Manager for Small Cooling Systems, APC (American Power Conversion Corporation) Brian Standley is the Product Line Manager for Small Cooling Systems at American Power Conversion. He has nine years of experience in product management and has been intimately involved with design, development, launch and support of products within multiple product categories including cooling solutions, InfraStruXure, and racks / enclosures. Brian has also held positions in sales and support.
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01 Oct 2010
01 Oct 2010
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This resource is no longer available.