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Aligning Business and IT

Many CIOs are struggling in their quest of aligning IT with the corporate business strategies, objectives, metrics and culture. CIOs need to become more involved in the development of strategic initiatives and build an understanding of the corporate and line of business missions and goals if they seek to align IT with the corporate directions. Moreover, CIOs need to interpret that knowledge into a flexible IT strategy if the alignment is to succeed long-term.

In this program, Stephen Elliot, Research Director at IDC, and HP's Ken Hollywood, the Regional Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of HP Management Software for the Amercas, discuss how to better align business and corporate objectives and strategies with IT resources and technology to enable a more competitive agile enterprise. The key areas that are explored include:

  • Continuity and availability of IT services for business needs
  • Adaptability to change - how IT infrastructure should be viewed as the enabler to change
  • How to demonstrate IT's contribution to the overall success of the enterprise
  • A Best Practices approach and what it means at the execution level
  • How this approach helps CIOs achieve compliance in IT governance
  • How CIOs can achieve compliance in IT governance


Ken Hollywood Regional Chief Technology Officer (CTO), HP Management Software for the Americas Stephen Elliot Research Director, IDC
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Mar 14, 2007, 09:00 EDT (13:00 GMT)

This resource is no longer available.