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Shifting Spam Tactics Make Switching to a Managed Service a Must

The battleground in the fight against spam is shifting. With new tactics from spammers and hackers designed to defeat legacy anti-spam content-filtering solutions, many organizations find themselves experiencing declining effectiveness of their existing anti-spam solution. As email threats become more sophisticated it is important for companies to consider alternatives to first-generation content filtering technology since new threats such as directory harvest attacks that cannot be stopped by convention anti-spam filtering.

This paper explains why many companies are switching to a managed service solution, and the advantages gained by switching. You'll gain insights into:

  • New techniques in personalizing or minimizing content to fool spam filters
  • The devastating effects of directory harvest attacks on your email servers
  • How IP analysis by a managed service can effectively stop directory harvest attacks

You'll see why more companies are switching to Postini's patented, preemptive email security service to stop spam, phishing, viruses and other evolving email threats such as directory harvest attacks. Processing more than 3 billion email messages every week for more than 6 million users, Postini's secure email boundary services provide complete, flexible and trusted email security. Discover why switching to Postini could be the smart move for your organization.

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Postini, Inc.
15 Jun 2005
01 Jun 2005
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This resource is no longer available.