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Web Services: The Relation between QoS & Pricing

Web Services technologies have effectively replaced expensive EDI links to connect legacy applications with advanced web applications. As application areas for Web Services rapidly evolve, increasing awareness about Web Services leads to greater demand for the services and related quality enhancements. Currently, such services are being offered without a price, though demands of higher Quality of Service (QoS) from clients would drive service providers to offset their investments with assured revenues. In such a scenario, how can vendors address the challenge of pricing Web Services?


George Eby Mathew Principal Researcher, Infosys Technologies Ltd George Eby Mathew is a Principal Researcher with SETLabs at Infosys. He has several years of experience in estimating business implications of emerging technologies. His current research interests are in the collaborative characteristics and the evolution of enterprises. Prior to Infosys, George was chief of research at an Internet startup and was a also key member of the Indian management team of Gartner. Joseph Shields Senior Research Associate, Infosys Technologies Ltd Joseph Shields is a Senior Research Associate with the SETLabs at Infosys. A PhD from IIM Bangalore in Corporate Strategy, he has about 8 years experience in planning and strategy in the oil & gas, IT, and telecom sectors. His current research interests are in the area of business value measurement of IT and using IT for competitive differentiation. Vikas Verma Software Engineer, Infosys Technologies Ltd Vikas Verma is a Software Engineer with SETLabs at Infosys. An engineer and an MBA, he works in the area of Business Value of IT.
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03 Jan 2005
01 Jul 2004
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This resource is no longer available.