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Will Your Next Video Bridge Be Software-Based?: Examining a Next-Generation Software-Based Video Conference Server

Software-based conference servers offer an attractive alternative to single purpose dedicated hardware video bridges from both a price and a functionality standpoint. Under the conditions many enterprises will encounter in their IP conferencing environments, software conferencing servers can successfully bridge video calls. Among software-based conference servers, FVC's Conference Server coupled with the Click to Meet family of solutions provides one of the most compelling implementations of a tightly integrated collaboration environment by seamlessly providing instant messaging, web conferencing, audio and video conferencing within a single application. FVC's intelligent linking capability has the ability to conserve bandwidth when calling over wide area connections, and it can actually enhance large multipoint conferences by assuring that the video images are properly displayed in cascaded conferences. Whereas software-based bridging has often been discounted in the past, it may be time for serious conferencing users to take a careful look into software-based conference server capabilities.


Brent Kelly Senior Analyst and Consultant, Wainhouse Research E. Brent Kelly is a Senior Analyst and Consultant at Wainhouse Research. Brent was formerly VP of marketing at Sorenson Vision where he launched the company's live streaming and IP videoconferencing products. He has authored articles on IP conferencing and has developed seminars on implementing IPbased Rich Media Conferencing. As an executive in a manufacturing firm, he developed and implemented a marketing and channel strategy that helped land national accounts at major retailers.
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21 Aug 2003
01 Aug 2003
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This resource is no longer available.