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QA Process Management: A Solution

Recent setbacks in IT industry originated mainly from the bitterness of customers getting low quality and less reliable products and services contrary to their high expectations. This made IT Services companies focus on superior quality products and services. Through use of process management technologies, it is possible to make quality assurance a smooth and well-managed process and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

QA forms a very critical node of the SDLC. It's efficiency and rigor decides the acceptability, reliability and timely release of products and services. The complexity of the QA process is on the rise due to the wide range of software and hardware products flowing into the markets, having varied types of interfaces & technology integrations and requiring very specialized testing. This complexity has been compounded by the lack of sufficient automated tools for testing, few that are available, being difficult to configure and use. Hence testing has largely been carried out by test engineers with little or no aid from testing tools. This has brought in the need for re-examining and improvising the existing QA process management techniques.

In this paper we present a generic solution to the challenges of QA Process Management. We also describe how a testing team in Wipro overcame the Information Asset Management, team collaboration and Workflow Management hurdles using DocSmart, a powerful, feature packed product developed by Wipro.


Shweta Kumari Systems Engineer, Wipro Technologies Shweta Kumari is a Systems Engineer, working with Wipro Technologies. In her career at Wipro, she has been associated with the DocSmart team in various capacities and has designed and presented solutions to customers. She is a Sun certified Java Programmer and holds an engineering degree in Computer Science.
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15 Jan 2003
01 Jan 2002
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This resource is no longer available.