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ControlPoint™: MDF/IDF Line Management in an ILEC Central Office or Remote Environment

NHC's innovative ControlPoint Cross-Connect System replaces labor intensive wiring, reducing operating costs and maintenance, improving service delivery cycles. ControlPoint dramatically reduces labor, space, and time of service versus conventional MDF/IDF and OSP distribution frames that require on-site wiring by experienced technicians. The NHC solution provides the ILEC with complete control over the entire service deployment cycle, and ensures quality of service (QoS) via fallback switching. ControlPoint works with all copper based services including POTS, ISDN, T1, xDSL and other voice and data protocols.

The ControlPoint Cross-Connect Systems is deployable in:

1) Manned central offices (CO).

2) Small unmanned COs under 5,000 lines.

3) Remote Terminal Cabinets housing Digital Loop Carriers (DLC).

4) Multi-Dwelling and Multi-Tenant Units (MDU/MTU)

5) OSP Feeder/Distribution Cross-Connect Frames

NHC's ControlPoint solution addresses the problem of automating the basic crossconnect function of provisioning, test access, service migration and fallback switching, in each of these locations. The purpose of this document is to show how NHC's ControlPoint Cross-Connect System can help the ILEC manage its MDFs more effectively.

NHC Communications Ltd
30 Jun 2002
01 Feb 2001
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This resource is no longer available.